Engage with your customers where they are
Talo helps financial institutions in developing markets leverage messaging and A.I. to drive customer engagement.
A friendlier way to handle FAQs and enquiries
Over half of customer service engagements are enquiries and simple requests that can be automated. Rather than have a clunky FAQs page, why not put a "chat with us" widget on your website with all the answers automated?

And when your bot doesn't have the right answers, your staff can take over. And train the bot to get better in the process.
Digital transformation with a human touch.
Most (if not all) of your services can be delivered via your bot. Account opening, balance checks, payments, loan requests, service migrations, customer service, enquiries management, statement check, order placement, whatever!.

All of these without compromising your security processes.
Deploy Talo on multiple channels faster than it takes to build an app
If building an app looks like it would cost an arm, a leg, a lot of dollars and all the time in the world, your Talo platform implementation will be done in a matter of weeks!

And available on the chat apps which are already present on your target mobile operating systems.
Conversational experiences are better!